Global EMEA’s new VP knows the value of long-term partnerships

IT asset specialist, Global Lifecycle Solutions EMEA Ltd has announced the appointment of Mike MacCready as Vice President of International Sales for the EMEA region. The business is a key partner for cost-effective procurement, systems design and support with a whole life-cycle approach that’s aimed at increasing return on investment whilst minimising waste, risk and expense.


5 Security Holes You May Have Missed In Your Hard Drive Retirement Process

Retiring hard drives and other storage hardware is a necessary but often neglected part of every corporate data security plan. However, many companies gloss over this process and leave potential holes that can be exploited. Fortunately, these holes are easy to fix with a little awareness and the right tools.


The Risks of Shredding Drives Internally

While there are some benefits to physically destroying drives internally, there are also significant risks that should be considered.


What Are the Different Forms of Data Destruction?

When you see the words “data destruction”, does your heart skip a beat? Do you automatically think of losing important files, having to re-write reports and emails, etc.? Well, if your hard drive gets wiped by mistake, that’s one case of data destruction, but in this article, we’ll be talking about destroying your data on purpose for your security.


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

We’ve just carried out a quick survey about data security. To sum up the findings in a couple of words, confusion reigns.



GDPR – Get ready with perfect solutions from Global

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation is EU law designed to allow individuals to control their personal data. It’s been modernised and unified across EU member states, and the changes will be enforced in May 2018.



NCSC endorses WipeDrive8 Global EMEA’s advanced cyber security solution

Global Lifecycle Solutions EMEA (Global EMEA) is pleased to announce that WipeDrive8 product has achieved Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) certification from the Government’s own National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC formally CESG)…


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